The Vineyards

We believe the best wine is Il Vigneron. For this reason we maintain a clean environment with healthy grapes to create a ‘friendly-wine’ which customers can trust and believe in.
Twenty hectares of vineyards, like an amphitheatre, are exposed to the sun in the clayey blue-red hills located in the southern area of Zola Predosa. Modern farming methods are employed to respect man and nature.

The plants have a high-density and low-espalier arrangement (5.000 vineyard stock per hectare).
Each vine has only a few grapes in order to obtain great consistency, balance and high quality wine.
Integrated Pest Management (EEC 2078/92 and 1257/99) has been practised for many years with the exclusive use of harmless substances, along with summer pruning, the application of leguminous green manure and a permanent layer of grass. All production processes are controlled by physicochemical analysis.